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    • Customization

      Provide suitable solution according to customer's requirements.

    • Advantage of branded cells

      Authorized distributor of Panasonic, also establish long-term business relationship with Samsung/LG/Sony…and other brands; Branded battery cells has advantages of high consistency and stable performance, is the guarantee of high quality battery packs.

    • 10 years focus on R&D, production and sales of battery packs

      Professional service team, sound quality management, strong technical support.

    • Thoughtful after-sale service

      One-to-one Pre-sale, sale and after-sale service; Free replacement during warranty.

    Authorized distributor of high-end battery brand
    Battery brand agent

    Panasonic batteries

           Unitek is authorized distributor of Panasonic battery products, including Lead-acid battery, Lithium Ion battery, Lithium primary battery, Ni-MH battery, dry battery…etc.

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    B.B. battery

           Unitek is authorized distributor of Taiwan famous Lead-acid battery brand Best&Best(B.B.) battery, full series including BP, BPX, HR, SHR, HRL, EB, EP, EVP, BPL, RT, MPL, FTB, MSB…etc.

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    Self-owned brand UT-POWER
    Independent brand

    UT-POWER Lead-acid battery

           Unitek self-owned brand UT-POWER Lead-acid battery and OEM/ODM battery pack, adhering company's aim of serve high-end customer, we only supply highly reliable batteries.

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    About us

    Shenzhen Unitek Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hi-tech Enterprise, specialized in R&D, production and sales of high-end battery products and supporting the overall solutions. Unitek is authorized distributor of Panasonic battery products, including Lead-Acid battery, Lithium ion battery, Lithium Button battery, Ni-MH battery, dry battery…etc, also focus on high-end battery and battery packs. Unitek is also authorized distributor of Taiwan famous battery brand Best&Best(B.B.) battery. Established long-term business relationship with Samsung, LG, Sony, Maxell…and other well-known brands.

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