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Standing in the automotive industry reform outlet: new energy becomes the next

time:2018-8-24 14:11:35

This year's two sessions, as the backbone of the national economy, the automotive industry has become a hot topic at the meeting. With the transformation of China's social and economic development to high quality and the intensification of world market competition, it is imperative to reform traditional automobiles with new energy as the entry point. During the two sessions, representatives of the automotive industry expressed their views on the whole vehicle manufacturing, battery system and after-sales operation and maintenance in the new energy automotive industry chain. Yin Tongyue, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. also put forward their own views.

He suggested accelerating the process of commercial vehicle electrification, breaking through the points of passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, and promoting the coordinated development of the entire automotive industry. And hope to adjust the peak and valley electricity policy, reduce the electricity price at night, guide new energy vehicles to reserve electricity at night, reduce carbon emissions. This coincides with the expectations of the new energy vehicle in the government's work report.

In view of this transformation goal, Chery began to layout as early as 1999. In technology research and development, through independent innovation, open cooperation and other ways, it has established a vehicle integration, key parts development capability system, and formed a strong accumulation of technology in the field of new energy. Up to now, Chery has declared more than 770 patents in the field of new energy, ranking the forefront of domestic automobile enterprises.

In response to the call of national carbon emission reduction and sustainable development, Chery combines the characteristics of fuel stack with the actual situation of fuel cell system development in China. An electric-electric hybrid drive system for fuel cell vehicles using fuel cell engines and power storage batteries is proposed. The Son of Orient (2010) is successfully developed. Ruichi G5 (2013) and Arizer 3 (2016) three generation fuel cell vehicles, participating in the 2008 Olympic Games, the 2010 World Expo demonstration operation, become China's first batch of new energy vehicle license enterprises.

In 2016, Chery New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. and Wuhu Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Japan's Anchuan Electric Co., Ltd. jointly established Chery Anchuan Electric Drive System Co., Ltd., in the new energy drive motor and controller research and development and production painstaking. In 2017, Chery's first self-developed 95 kW motor and controller went off the production line in Wuhu, Anhui Province, creating a more competitive market for the Chery series of new energy vehicles, making Chery in this field to reach the world's advanced level.

Standing in the automotive industry reform outlet: new energy becomes the next WEATHERVANE

December 28, 2017 Chery electric drive system off

In addition to the establishment of a sound R&D system, Chery also undertook a number of "provincial and municipal" and "national" new energy technology research and development of key special tasks, to help the overall industry to electric transformation. Chery undertakes more than 20 key scientific and technological projects at provincial and municipal levels, and more than 30 major special projects for energy saving and new energy vehicles under the National 863 Program. Since the Ministry of Science and Technology launched the National Key R&D Program for New Energy Vehicles in 2016, Chery has led and participated in six projects. Among them, in 2017 led the implementation of 2, ranking first in the industry.

Standing in the automotive industry reform outlet: new energy becomes the next WEATHERVANE

Chery undertakes the launching ceremony of the national key new energy vehicle project

The automotive industry is undergoing an endogenous power transformation and the electrification of commercial vehicles is on the fast track. Chery timely adjusts its driving direction, formulates a "full-range + 457" new energy technology plan, covering the full-scale and full-range passenger vehicles of pure electric and plug-in hybrid technology platform, which not only accelerates the development of the company's new energy vehicles, but also promotes China. The development of the new energy automobile industry has stepped up to a higher level, while assuming social responsibility and contributing to energy conservation and emission reduction. It is estimated that by 2020, Chery will realize the electrification of all models.

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