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What affects lithium battery life?

time:2018-8-24 14:42:38

The more the 3.7V lithium battery is discharged, the greater the battery loss will be, the more fully charged the battery will be, and the greater the battery loss will be. 3.7V lithium battery is preferably in the middle state of electricity, so the battery life is the longest.

3.7V lithium battery

First of all, too high and too low power status has the most adverse impact on the life of 3.7V lithium battery, while the number of charge-discharge cycles is secondary. In fact, the number of rechargeable times marked on most sales of electrical appliances or batteries is based on a benchmark of 80 percent discharge. Experiments show that for some notebook 3.7V lithium batteries, the battery voltage often exceeds the standard voltage of 0.1 volt, that is, from 4.1 volt to 4.2 volt, the battery life will be halved, and then increased by 0.1 volt, the battery life will be reduced to one-third of the original; long-term low or no power status will make the battery internal electricity. The resistance of sub mobility is getting larger and larger, resulting in smaller battery capacity. NASA has set its Hubble Space Telescope battery consumption at 10 percent of its total capacity to ensure it can be recharged and discharged 100,000 times without having to be updated.

Secondly, temperature also has a significant impact on the life of 3.7V lithium batteries (which cell phones and other small electronic devices can ignore). The environment below freezing point may cause 3.7V lithium batteries to burn down as soon as the electronics are turned on, while the overheated environment may reduce the capacity of the batteries. Therefore, if a laptop runs on an external power supply for a long time and does not take the battery off, the battery will remain in the heat of the laptop discharge for a long time, and more importantly, the battery will be in a state of 100% power for a long time, and will soon be discarded (including my own laptop battery is finished).

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